Unique pieces with rough edges

Everything you need to know about our furniture

Our heart beats for old furniture: for its careful manufacture by hand. For their character, which they have gained over many years. For their stylish look. Their high-quality workmanship. For their uniqueness. But precisely because our pieces of furniture are so special, there are a few things you should know about them. Especially if you want to bring such a piece of jewelry into your home.

Imperfectly perfect: Our unique items are not new
Our furniture are not freshly manufactured in a factory. On the contrary: They were handcrafted many years ago and have seen a lot since then. It can happen that a drawer is jammed, the material is uneven in places or there are signs of wear on the furniture. But that is exactly what makes old furniture unique. We call that: imperfectly perfect. And we love it!

Pieces of furniture may change – even after purchase
The wood of the furniture can react to external circumstances such as temperature and air changes and sometimes warp. Rarely, fine cracks can also appear. In addition, cabinets should always be as level as possible. Otherwise it can happen over time that doors can no longer be opened and closed properly.
We would like to recommend that you keep all of this in mind if you decide to buy an old piece of furniture. And even more: not to get angry if it changes slightly. This change is not bad, but stands for naturalness and a unique character. And that’s a nice thing, isn’t it?

Recycled items with history
Nevertheless, it goes without saying that we personally inspect, process and, if necessary, repair every single part in our range. And with a clear conscience, professional expertise and passion. If we overlook a small quirk, please forgive us. Sometimes even we miss a discreetly jammed drawer or an old nail that has hidden far back in the wood. Ultimately, all of our pieces of furniture are unique pieces steeped in history that you will not find a second time – and not uniform pieces of furniture from the furnishing giant.

Off to your four walls
Precisely because we are so passionate about our pieces of furniture, it is important to us that they find a great home with you and make you just as happy as we are. That’s why we’re happy to advise you in detail before you buy something: we’ll tell you everything we know about the pieces of furniture and how you can present them particularly well.
And we are also happy to help you with the transport of our furniture: If you cannot or do not want to transport your new favorite piece yourself, we will work with our conscientious partners to ensure that it gets to you safely.

Time to take a look at our range!
But enough of the many words! After telling you so much, we would like to invite you to take a look at our range for yourself. Have fun!